Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Time is Change.

We are in an era of turmoil and change. An era of disorder and reorder. But it is not merely a time of change, for time is change that's what it does. It is in fact an era of personal decision. It is an era of personal introspection. Life will always be of contradictions and inconsistencies. This era, this matter of change is of personal inner work and solutions. Solutions. 

Untitled. 08/08/15. Carl Barnett Studio

Untitled (Over/Under). 06/15/15. Carl Barnett Studio

Untitled (Why/What). 06/12/16.  Carl Barnett Studio 

Untitled (Then/This). 06/25/15. Carl Barnett Studio

Untitled (Hollow). 06/22/15. Carl Barnett Studio

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